Vilepox/Vilter Insulating Epoxy Resins

Our company "ELT, Ltd" offers electroinsulating epoxy resins Vilepox/Vilter for all needs of electrical and electronic industries. Vilepox/Vilter epoxy resins are produced by Korax Kft company(Budapest, Hungary).

Since 2011 our company became the general distributor of Korax Kft company in Ukraine and successfully supplies ukrainian enterprises with Vilepox/Vilter epoxy resins.

The main use of Vilepox/Vilter epoxy resins is:

  • filling of details and coil-processing knots of any size

  • impregnation of coils of the different size

  • sealing and filling of transformers of any size

  • cable connections

  • filling of condensers

  • any other requirements of electrical equipment, electronics and power

The main characteristics of production in a ready state:

  • Excellent dielectric properties
  • Excellent mechanical properties and thermal firmness
  • Excellent chemical firmness
  • Wide range of use
  • Production doesn't contain solvents (except some special resins)
  • Fire-resistant, class V-0
  • Various thermal classes (B, F, H)
  • Don't contain halogens
  • Good frost resistance (from -20 °C and below)

The resins share on technology of application on hardening at the room temperature and hardening when heating. Depending on your purposes of application, we can recommend to you or pick up for you resins depending on:

  • Usage time of the prepared mixture – of 15 min. till 9 hours
  • Filling volume up to 100 kg and more
  • The fluidity (viscosity) of the prepared mixture – from strongly fluid to dense, suitable a brush for a pasting
  • Temperatures of use of a finished product from – 50C to + 180C

Our company provides the checked physical and electric data, and also settlement parameters for the received ready materials. It allows to predict quality of made products.

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