High-voltage low power transfromer

High-voltage low power transformers OSVLP-1,25-10.

Our enterprise “ELT, Ltd” LLC (Zaporozhye, Ukraine) offers high-voltage low power transformers OSVLP-1,25-10 of our own production.

High-voltage low power transformers OSVLP-1,25-10 are intended for transformation of the electric power of 10 kV and ensuring power supply of the equipment of the alarm system and automatic lock-out of the railroads and other devices of 220V.

Single-phase transformer OSVLP-1,25-10 provides power supply of chains of own needs of points of sectioning and the automatic inclusion of a reserve of electric networks 10kV, for application in the complete distributing devices  and in combined chambers, and also for power supply of cathodic protection.


The transformers are produced according to national standard DSTU 3076-95 (Russian GOST 30297-95 ) and have the certificate of conformity UkrSEPRO № UA1.173. 0011039-15 .

Extent of transformer protection is IP00

Transformer is executed of cast insulation with natural air cooling.

The transformers are supplied with safety devices with fuses of German company SIBA. (See how to change the fuses)

High-voltage low power transformers OSVLP-1,25-10 are intended for a long operating mode with a rated load in stationary internal installations.

The transformer is intended for operation under a canopy or in rooms where fluctuations of temperature and humidity of air insignificantly differ from fluctuations in the open air and there is rather free access of external air, and also in a cover of a complete product of category 1 (lack of direct influence of sunlight and an atmospheric precipitation).

The price: 580 EUR/piece (EXW)*

*Actual prices can vary from the prices listed above

*According to your order, we can produce transformers with different output voltages, and also make a transformer in a protective casing.


See the OSVLP transformer passport

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