Welding transformer


Welding transformers ТВК-75м

Single-phase  transformers ТВК-75м are intended for power supply of contact electrowelding machines. Transformers ТВК-75м  are used to power supply of contact welding works in multipoint and single-point installations.



Type of a climatic modification - indoor.

Transformers are manufactured in Ukraine.

The transformer is intended for work in the enclosed space in the following conditions:

  • Height above sea level up to 1000 m;
  • Temperature of air is from -1 C to +40 C;
  • Relative humidity of air 65% at temperature +20 С;
  • Temperature of the cooling water isn't higher than +25 С

The price: 1130 EUR/piece (EXW)*

*Actual prices can vary from the prices listed above

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